Quarterly Ops Cost Program

posted on 03.4.13


Welcome to MTI’s Online Quarterly Ops Cost Analysis Program.  This tool provides members with real time comparison of their quarterly operational costs against the national and regional competition.  With the business climate changing so fast, it’s imperative heat treating companies have real time financial data and trends to help them make solid business and purchasing decisions.  Scroll to the bottom to see the metrics that are tracked in MTI’s Financial Benchmarks.

The following are the various tools to help you get started in this very informative program.

CLICK HERE to see a sample of the informative graphs you will be able to analyze with your management and financial professionals.

CLICK HERE to watch a short 17-minute training webinar on the quarterly ops cost program.

The following are the three steps to enroll and take advantage of this informative program.

Contact MTI at info@heattreat.net or 904-249-0448 so we can make sure your account is set up correctly.

STEP 2:   CLICK HERE to Download and Print User Manual to review how to enter Ops Cost Data and download reports.

STEP 3:  MTI will send you a worksheet in excel file to input your financial numbers for the last 8-quarters.

STEP 4:  Upload your excel worksheet to support@ilumen.com with the following in the Regarding Line:  “Excel Worksheet to Upload Data Into MTI Quarterly Ops Cost Program.”

You will receive notices once a quarter when it is time to enter the next quarter’s figures.  Reports are official for download each quarter after May 5,  August 5, November 5 and February 5.

If you are not signed up for the program or want more information contact the MTI offices at 904-249-0448 or info@heattreat.net.


MTI Financial Benchmarking Confidentiality Statement

Your individual report is held in strict confidence by our third-party research firm, Ilumen, Inc.  No MTI staff, volunteer leader or any member has access to individual results.  Ilumen is the only organization with access to member data collected through MTI’s benchmarking program.


Financial Metrics Tracked by MTI Benchmarking

Tracked Monthly
– Monthly Sales

Tracked Quarterly
– Quarterly Sales by Process
– Total Accounts Receivable
– % of Accounts Receivable Over 60 Days
– Employee Turnover Rate
– Total Labor (both direct and indirect) as a % of Sales
– Total Utilities as a % of Sales
– Transportation as a % of Sales
– Maintenance as a % of Sales
– Depreciation as a % of Sales
– Health Benefits as a % of Sales
– Workers Compensation as a % of Sales
– General & Administrative as a % of Sales
– Average $ per Order
– Net Profit as a % of Sales
– Spoilage
– Sales Per Employee
– Delivery