Heat Treat Specialist Certificate Program

posted on 12.17.12

The MTI Heat Treat Specialist Certificate (HTS) is awarded to those employees who illustrate a strong desire for enhancing their knowledge in the heat treating industry as well as on the job experience.  Individuals in the heat treating industry can obtain the Heat Treat Specialist Certificate by meeting the following requirements:

Complete a minimum of 60 credit hours of course work from the MTI Online Academy of Heat Treaters (approximately 30 to 35 courses)

Provide a letter from their employer confirming they have worked for at least 12- consecutive months in a heat treat plant

The Heat Treat Specialist Certificate shows your commitment to excellence and having the best technical knowledge available as well as practical work experience.  These are two key elements in ensuring your value to any heat treating company.

Studies show a commitment to training helps increase your self-worth, helps you make better decisions, lowers your error rates and highly increases your productivity.

Achieve excellence and strive for your Heat Treat Specialist Certificate.

If you have any questions on the HTS program, contact the MTI Offices at 904-249-0448 or info@heattreat.net