Commercial Heat Treater

posted on 01.17.11

Commercial Heat Treating Membership – APPLICATION AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE

Becoming a member of the Metal Treating Institute immediately puts you in the “Largest Network of Commercial Heat Treaters in the World” with locations in 40 states, 6 countries and over $1.2 billion in annual sales. Pretty good company to be in and a much different reaction to your introduction to a customer when you introduce yourself as a member of the “Largest Network of Commercial Heat Treaters in the World”.

10 Reasons Why Membership is Key to Your Heat Treating Operations:

Connect With the Largest Network of Commercial Heat Treaters in the World

Use of the MTI Statement of Limited Liability

  • MTI’s industry standard liability statement is a crucial legal document heat treaters place on all invoicing and P.O.’s that customers agree to.  The statement limits your liability to 2-times your heat treating charges on heat treating services you provide a customer where you are found at fault on any liability issues.  The MTI Statement has protected many members from high liability lawsuits as much as $5,000,000.

MTI Online Academy for Heat Treaters

Face to Face Networking & Training With Other Heat Treaters During Local & National Meetings

Online Member Network to Over 1,000 Heat Treating Executives/Managers For Instant Answers to Daily Challenges

Financial Data to Help Manage Operations and Purchasing Decisions

Annual Benchmarking Surveys

Top Management/Executive Training Program in the Industry

Up to the Minute News and Industry Information

Representation in Affiliated Organizations Such as National Association of Manufacturers, NADCAP and AMEC

Access to a highly trained MTI Staff, Consultants and Associate Suppliers Who Are Committed to Your Success




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