ABC’s of Heat Treating

posted on 01.18.11


Over the last few years, many members have taken advantage of the MTI Online Academy for Heat Treaters and the ABC’s of Heat Treating series to help train current and new employees. After some discussion with members, MTI has enhanced its hardcopy version of the ABC’s series.The ABC’s of Heat Treating is one of MTI’s most effective teaching series on practical heat treating basics. The series was designed by heat treaters, which is why it’s so effective. Since many employees don’t have online access, MTI has produced teaching videos for a classroom setup on each of the ABC’s Five modules on:
  • Equipment
  • Processes
  • Quality/Inspection
  • Metallurgical Theory
  • Materials

The overhead slides have been converted into power point slides to make it easier for owners or managers who want to be a part of the teaching process. The full training package will include:

  • Checklist to Follow for Teaching the Courses
  • 10 One-Hour Videos on DVD that Covers the 5 Modules
  • Power Points for All 5 Modules for Optional Instructor Review
  • 5 Student Guides for Each Module (25 in All)
  • Final Tests for Students for Each Module
  • Certificates for Course Completion

Full Program Cost:  $995 members     $1,295 non-members

SPECIAL OFFER:  $695 members through December 31, 2014

To Order Your Copy of ABC’s of Heat Treating, CLICK HERE

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the MTI Offices at 904-249-0448.