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NEW OSHA GHS Training Requirement Course

The NEW OSHA GHS training rules require all employees to be trained by December 1, 2013.  MTI has produced a training course on the MTI Online Academy for Heat Treaters for members to comply with the training requirements.  The course is comprised of two reading assignments, a 17-minute video and a test.

CLICK HERE to see the OSHA notice on GHS.

CLICK HERE to visit the home page of the course.

Members Only Area Gives Your Vital Information

- Monthly Heat Treating Economic Reports
– Monthly Heat Treating Sales Trend Reports
– Quarterly Heat Treating Sales Projections
– Quarterly Manufacturing Sector Analysis
– Technical Articles
– Business, Management and Finance Articles
– Demographic and Marketing Analysis

To access the resource library, log into MTI Members Only Area Today.  Click on Resources tab to search resources and Members tab to connect with MTI’s world wide network of heat treating professionals.


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